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Bringing back the PANASHOP

Returning this year after a prolonged absence, the PANASHOP is once again a part of PANAMUN. It is located in the breezeway during breaks, and in the gym during lunch. There are three products available: a $30 hoodie, a $5 water bottle, each with the PANAMUN logo, as well as a $5 stress gavel for anyone to play with. These funds will go towards running and improving future editions of PANAMUN. PANASHOP is being operated by members of the secretariat, as well as Ms. Lourdes Gaitan. The merchandise being sold in PANASHOP has been designed by the Marketing and Communications team. Elena Castro, a member of this team, tells us that “We decided to use three items that would be most useful for delegates during and beyond the conference. The hoodies are of a school-appropriate color, the bottles help reduce plastic waste, and the stress gavels and a fun and creative element to PANAMUN.” The extremely creative vision by the Marketing and Communications team will not only benefit the conference organizers here at ISP, but will help give PANAMUN an international presence. The PANAMUN logo, prominently displayed on all three items, is being spread to 8 schools abroad and several more within Panama. The return of PANASHOP is a great new initiative that can not only help raise funds for PANAMUN but also promote it globally.

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