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Panama’s Historic Casco Viejo

Panama City, Panama is filled with different places and areas in which tourists can go and enjoy something new about the country. Out of the top places to visit in Panama, Casco Viejo is number one. Casco Viejo is Panama’s historic old quarter neighborhood. Its old colonial houses and crumbling pastel walls have shown Panama’s most stylish and beautiful places to go and enjoy. Additional to this, they feature a mix of architectural styles and contribute to the country’s eventful history.

Anyone who is a coffee lover must try Panama’s prized brew, also considered one of the world’s best coffee. Geisha coffee, all the way from Ethiopia, has coffee beans that thrive in Panama’s climate. In Casco, Café Unido is one of the best coffee shops in order to taste the beauty of Panamanian coffee. Additional to this, try Panama’s best ceviche in the lively Mercado de Mariscos. This is Panama’s fish market which sells the country’s best ceviche and is one of Panama’s most popular dish sold.

Additional to this, Casco Viejo has cheerful streets in which Panamanian souvenirs are being sold. For example, the Panama hats that can been seen all around Panama City are sold here. Victor’s Hats has rows of different styles and colors of different Panamanian hats. There are also beautiful handmade molas that you can purchase. Kuna women sell their embroidered molas which is what the famous Kunas are known for. Made with their hands, Kunas sell their molas in a crowded street which have the view of the Panama’s modern downtown skyline.

Finally, although Casco Viejo is a beautiful place to go and visit during the day in order to enjoy the beautiful views, it also includes a tremendous late night party life. There is a number of rooftop restaurants like Tantalo and Gato Blanco in which families and friends can enjoy a beautiful meal and dinner. Teatro Amador was one of Panama’s first theaters built in which Charlie Chaplin movies would be screened. After being restored in 2012, it has become one of Casco’s most hottest nightclubs.

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