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Visiting Panama? Here’s 4 Things You Must Do

Panama, a small isthmus country linking Central and South America, is known for the various points of interest it has to offer. Being right in the center of the Americas, it is gifted with great diversity and a unique historical background.

A crucial visit in the country, is Casco Viejo, located right in the capital of Panama City. Casco Viejo, which translates to Old City in English, is known for containing ancient styled buildings. While having been remodified over the years as the buildings aged, its style has remained. Casco Viejo is popular for its variety of restaurants, as well as numerous churches available for visit. This site has numerous types of cuisine, from Latin to Asian food. Some recommended places include Nacion Sushi (Asian), Beauty and the Butcher (American) and Mostaza (Latin). A common place to visit at Casco Viejo is Catedral Metropolitana, a church recognized for its unmodified old architecture.

Aside from Casco Viejo, another point of interest located in the capital includes Panama Viejo. Similar to Casco Viejo, Panama Viejo translates to Old Panama in English. Panama Viejo includes the remains of the original Panama City that was founded in 1519, as it was destroyed by a fire in 1671. Numerous rumors exist behind the responsible of the fire, varying from it being set by Henry Morgan to the government of Panama itself. This location is over 500 years old, and includes a museum where you can learn more about the city’s history. It has primarily been remained untouched since the destruction, providing a unique perspective on Panama’s past.

When focusing upon locations outside of the city, Panama is well known for its beautiful beaches. One recommended beach is Isla Grande, located in Colon. This beach is surfaced by the Atlantic Ocean, and is admired for having clear water. It is also located right by the Fort San Lorenzo, which used to be a barrier filled with Cannons that protected the country from danger. This fort is in the form of ruins, and is now an abandoned spot.

Last but not least, an iconic must-visit location in Panama includes the Panama Canal, which may be visited just 40 minutes away from the center. The canal is an artificial waterway, connecting the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. This waterway has been life changing when it comes to transportation, ever since it opened up in 1914. With this canal, boats no longer go around the entire America’s in order to transport their goods. As it includes numerous locks that lift or reduce the ships water level to match the one it is going to, visitors may witness this process occurring when going to the site.

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