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Eduardo Castillo

Hello delegates, my name is Eduardo Castillo, and I'm currently a senior at the International School of Panama. I am greatly honored to be one of the chairs for the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee in PANAMUN XXX. I was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, but only lived there for 3 years, I grew up in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic for 7 years till I moved to Hong Kong for 3 years till finally moving here to Panama where I’ve been for almost 3 years as well. I’m a huge fan of technology-based things such as video games, robotics and engineering, but I also enjoy things like badminton, swimming, and reading. My first MUN conference was in 8th grade in HK, but I didn't enjoy it a lot. Once I tried PANAMUN here, I actually found myself enjoying it and really had fun debating and loved the overall experience. Since then I’ve been a delegate twice, an admin once, and now I finally get to be a chair of a committee. I look forward to meeting all of you and I’m hoping to ensure everyone has a great PANAMUN experience just like I did.

Qingqing (Lily) Yang SOCHUM.JPG

Lilly Yang

Hello Delegates! My name is Lilly Yang, and I am currently a junior at the International School of Panama. It is a great honor to be a chair of the SOCHUM committee in PANAMUN XXX. I was originally born in China and lived there for about a decade before moving to Panama. I have participated in three MUN conferences altogether and all of which as a delegate. From the previous debate sessions, I had the opportunity to learn more about collaborative working, the procedures of problem-solving as well as embrace the diversity of opinions. I have always been passionate about debating different topics and standing up for my beliefs. Apart from debating, I really enjoy studying science and making art. This year, I had the privilege to be a chair of the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee. I look forward to meeting all of you soon and wish you the best of luck with the debates!

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