Lucy Lee

Hello delegates, welcome to PANAMUN XXX! My name is Lucy Lee, and I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama. It is a great pleasure to participate in this year’s conference, and I am honored to be one of the chairs of the United Nations Peacebuilding Committee. I am from Seoul, South Korea, and I lived in Korea for almost 15 years. I moved to Panama when I was 15, and my first MUN experience was PANAMUN XXVII, which gave me a chance to learn the importance of voice and different perspectives. Besides debating,  I love skiing, traveling, aerial yoga, and music. I also like math and psychology, which are my favorite subjects.  I want to thank you all for participating in this year’s conference and I look forward to hearing different voices from you. This conference will be my last PANAMUN, and I will do my best to ensure that we all have a collaborative, respectful, and engaging conference. Looking forward to meeting all of you in the debate and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!