Hi delegates! My name is Camila Kristiansen and I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama. I am very honored to be one of your chairs this year for the United Nations Women Committee in PANAMUN XXIX. I was born in Uruguay, and have since lived in Russia and Japan until finally moving to Panama. Since being a freshman, I have been thrilled to participate in PANAMUN every year. My love for debate has only grown since I first got involved. For the past 3 years in PANAMUN, I have learned the importance of standing up for my beliefs through being a delegate. I have always had a passion for debating, specifically regarding the topic of women’s rights. For my first ever MUN conference, I participated as a delegate for the UN Women Committee. It is amazing that 3 years later, I get to chair that same committee. Unfortunately, this will be my last year in PANAMUN, nevertheless, I am sure we will make it the best year yet. I will do my best to ensure a fun, comfortable, and exciting debate for everyone. I’m super eager to see you all. Good luck!



Hi everyone!  My name Regina Laredo and I am super excited to see and work with all of you in PANAMUN XXIX