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Josuannie Mendoza

Hi Delegates. My name is Josuannie Mendoza, but please refer to me as Jossie. I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama (ISP) and I am 17 years old. I was born and raised in Panama City, while also living in New York City for nearly 4 years. Furthermore, I enjoy spending time with my family and dancing. I have been in ISP for 8 years, and I'm someone who likes to try out different things. Jumping from sports to theater, or singing to humanitarian clubs.  Being part of different school communities is such a refreshing experience for me, it helps me grow as a person and student. I will be one of your chairs in this year's PANAMUN XXXII United Nations Women Committee (UNW) I am so excited to be part of this year's MUN! I am a returning Chair and my last committee was UNICEF, in which I got to engage with several talented delegates that made me look forward to being chair again. MUN has held a special place in my heart since 8th grade. Even forced me to expose myself to social situations and be able to speak with confidence and fluency, as well as leading me to meet wonderful friends at the conference. MUN was an unforgettable experience that shaped me into the person I today. I hope this conference can positively impact you like it did to me. Anywho, I am overjoyed to have you guys as delegates and can't wait to meet you all! 



Sara Villegas

Hello delegates! Welcome to PANAMUN XXXII. My name is Sarah Villegas, and I am currently a Junior at ISP. I'm very excited to be your chair for this PANAMUN conference at the United Nations Women's Committee (UNW)! I'm from Venezuela but moved to Panama when I was 3 years old and have been in ISP ever since. My first significant debate experience was in 5th grade where we had a PANAMUN simulation. I discovered my passion for the debate which led me to join the debate club in middle school, this would be my 6th conference. In my free time, I'm part of the track team, participate in the school musicals, take part in the IGEM team, and enjoy baking. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you all and hope we can have a fruitful debate experience!


Corina Bastidas    


Hello delegates! My name is Corina Bastidas, and I am thrilled to be part of the admin staff for PANAMUN XXXII conference, in the United Nations Women Committee. I am currently in 11th grade and have been at ISP for the past 4 years. I have participated in the PANAMUN conference since I joined ISP, and this year I am part of the staff. My family is Venezuelan, but I lived most of my life in Colombia. I love to travel, watch movies, play padel, and spend time with family and friends. PANAMUN is a conference where I discovered new passions and skills, that will be able to help me in the future. Participating in PANAMUN was an unforgettable experience, and I hope it is the same for you. I am looking forward to PANAMUN XXXII, see you all there!

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