Hi delegates! My name is Jake Mejia Zeller, I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama, and I am incredibly excited to be one of the chairs for the Historical Crisis Committee in PANAMUN XXIX. Though most of my family is from Dominican Republic, I was born and raised in Panama, where I have been attending ISP since pre-kinder. The first time I participated in a PANAMUN conference was in 9th grade, where I represented Spain in the ECOSOC committee. After that, in 10th grade, I represented Mohamed Yeganeh, the minister of finance, in that year’s Historical Crisis Committee. Last PANAMUN conference, I had the honor to chair for the very first time and I’m very happy to chair once again, this time for HCC. Outside of MUN, I have a very big interest in politics and activism. In my spare time, I work with Fundación Iguales, an NGO focused on the protection of human rights, specifically those of LGBTQIA+ individuals in Panama. Additionally, I am a very big fan of theatre, film and table-top RPGs. I hope you got to know a little more about me and I will try to make this experience as enjoyable for you as possible. Looking forward to meeting you all!



Hello delegates! I am excited to welcome you all to PANAMUN XXVIX, and am honored to be one of the chairs for the Historical Crisis Committee. My name is Nedda Zsembery and I am currently a junior at the International School of Panama. I was born in Budapest, Hungary where I spent nine years, then moved to Kyiv, Ukraine where I spent seven years, and I just recently moved to Panama in 2020. The first PANAMUN conference that I was a part of was during my first year here in Panama, 11th grade, where I was able to witness all the amazing delegates debate important issues in a way that I have never seen before. During my first PANAMUN experience I was truly fascinated by the way that my fellow delegates were able to debate issues that I previously haven’t even heard about. I believe that it is crucial to have a chance to make your voice be heard, and MUN gives students that exact opportunity to do so. In my freetime, I enjoy playing basketball and soccer, watching movies, traveling, and spending time with my friends. This is going to be my third MUN conference and I look forward to meeting all of you and making it an enjoyable and memorable experience!



Hello there! My name is Krishna Vaswani and I am a junior at the International School of Panama. This year, I carry the esteemed privilege of chairing the Historical Crisis Committee for PANAMUN’s 29th annual conference. I was born in Panama City, Panama and I have lived within its breathtakingly stunning surroundings my whole life. I strongly believe that the act of chairing a debate is a highly rewarding experience. This is mainly because I can witness the innovative and impactful ideas that all of you will come up with. It is always vital to understand that the power of your words has the potential to spark long-lasting change and benefit even the most remote parts of our international community.  Debating is an activity that I have always taken pride in. My passion for it stems from the fact that it enables young minds to take a robust, genuine and united front against pressing global issues. Aside from it, I dedicate myself to writing poetry, reading books, learning about the world’s cultures and listening to a wide range of musical genres. My view regarding this year's conference is that each one of you will do a tremendous job of being open-minded and diplomatic. I am confident that you will have the capacity to evaluate various perspectives and come up with the most creative solutions! It is safe to say that PANAMUN 29 will certainly be the best one yet. See you then!