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Hi delegates! My name is Amanda Haddad Amorim, I am currently a junior studying in the International School of Panama. I was born in Brazil, though only lived there for four months. I was also fortunate enough to have lived in the United States for five years, Luxembourg for seven years and am currently in my fourth year here in Panama. Alongside debating, I am thoroughly passionate about psychology, history and am one of the leaders of the Girl Up club here in ISP. My hobbies include exercising, spending time with friends and family, reading, cooking and listening to podcasts. Furthermore, I am beyond excited to be participating in PANAMUN for the third time, and for the first time as a chair in PANAMUN XXX for the Middle School Human Rights Council. I admire how MUN not only allows but encourages students to speak upon relevant issues that matter to our world and to ourselves. Viewing issues from other countries perspectives also incentives individuals to adapt an open mind, whilst fighting for a matter that may not necessarily comply with our personal beliefs. This is a great opportunity to forecast innovative skills and even meet incredible people on the way. I am truly looking forward to hearing all your ideas, listen to your thoughts and most importantly meeting you all!

Amanda Amorim

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Larissa Nery de Melo HRC MS.JPG

Larissa de Melo

Hello, delegates! My name is Larissa de Melo. I am currently in my freshman year of high school at ISP and I am honored to be a chair of the MS Human Rights Council at this year’s PANAMUN! I was born in Brazil in the state of Sao Paulo and lived there until 2016; then I moved to Panama and since then, I have lived here. My first experience with MUN was at the beginning of 9th grade, since then I have done multiple online and in-person debates. My love for debating has grown since then, as debating gives me a voice to fight for issues that happen in our community. I consider myself a person who fights for what I believe in, so by joining MUN conferences I get the chance to research countries' views and perspectives on issues. Apart from debating, I love baking, listening to music, and spending time with my friends. I look forward to meeting all of you and seeing you guys debate, engage and have fun! I wish you guys luck and advise you to take this year’s PANAMUN as a learning experience and make the best out of it. I can’t wait to see you all!

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