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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization



Simon Velandia

Hey PANAMUN XXXI Delegates! My name is Simon Velandia, and I’m a junior at the International School of Panama. I’m very excited and honored to be a Chair for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization this year! I’m originally from Colombia, and I was born in the United States, but I grew up in a few different countries. I got my first experience in debate as a Freshman in PANAMUN, where I realized I enjoyed not only being able to strategize and have fun through debate, but also saw the power of discussing global issues and finding your place in society. This will be my first year as a chair, and I’m really excited to be chairing a committee that is brand new to PANAMUN. Outside of debate, my favorite subjects are math and physics, as well as history, which makes me so passionate about this topic! In my personal time, I love traveling, playing tennis, and listening to music. I hope we create an environment where everyone can debate competitively but also have fun and make memories! I look forward to seeing you!


Sara Beltran

Hey, delegates! My name is Sara Beltran, I’m a Sophomore at the International School of Panama and very excited to be one of your chairs on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization committee. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but moved to Panama when I was merely 3 years old and have been living here since then. In fifth grade, I had my first significant debating experience, and have been consecutively part of the following conferences. I have developed a love for debate and honed my ability to express my ideas ever since.  I have been a delegate for all PANAMUN conferences, with the exception of this one, and can guarantee that it is a unique experience one after the other. I love watching movies, listening to music, reading, and spending time with my favorite people. MUN provides the resources to not only refine and polish your public speaking and diplomacy skills but also to push and test your critical thinking both inside and outside of the conference. I’m excited to spend PANAMUN XXXI with all of you and watch as you nurture and develop your relationships and ideas, but most of all, I’m excited to meet you!



Andrea Pizzocaro

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